Red Bird Pantry - Adriana Johnson

School Lunch Program

Red Bird Pantry serves fresh, healthy lunches prepared on-site.

Meal Plans For Families

To-Go breakfast, lunch and dinner options for busy families. 

Educating Future Chefs

Classes for kids, in a fun and experimental fashion. 

Food For Thought

Learning and playing is hard work!

Kids need to refuel with proper nutrients and food combinations to power their growing brain and body. Educating students about food and nutrition will empower them to make healthy choices to keep their bodies operating at peak performance.

Parents’ time is precious and is best spent on enjoyable activities with their children. Red Bird Pantry will provide affordable, nutritious snacks & lunches in a manner that is convenient for parents.

Whether we’re serving meals at the school lunch-line or catering a large event, our mission is the same, to infuse creative flavors, seasonal vegetables and heart into every dish!

Creative & Delicious Foods For  Busy Families.

To-Go Meals Curated With Care.

Creating breakfast, lunch and dinner for busy families is definitely a challenge. Our Meal Plans are baked with your whole family’s health, energy and home-made taste in mind. We include options to customize, add or detract to core entrees so you can make the best choices for your family.

Lunch Lady Services

Eat, Grow & Learn

Red Bird Pantry serves fresh, healthy lunches prepared on-site.

Ordering Made Simple

We provide easy online ordering and payment options for parents. We also accommodate special dietary restrictions and choices. 

Menus consist of freshly prepared entrées, accompaniments, desserts and beverages.

Well Balanced Options

The choices will be a balanced selection of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains & dairy prepared in colorful, easy to eat appropriate portions served on eco-friendly service ware.

Beyond Lunch

In addition to lunch service, we offer mid-morning and after school snack options as well as box style lunches for school field trips.

After school cooking classes for students providing educational opportunities to help them nurture their love of food in a fun, experimental fashion.