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Red Bird Pantry was established to provide creative and delicious foods for busy families.

We recognize cooking isn’t for everyone but, gathering family and friends in an expression of kind-hearted hospitality is a pleasure that, with a little help, can be experienced by anyone. Food is our passion and cooking is our talent. Our desire to share the flavors, colors and textures of well prepared, seasonal vegetables and the enhanced natural nuances of meats is at the heart of everything we do. We prepare creative flavor combinations that complement one another to experience food in its truly best form.

Pictured here: Owner & Chef, Adriana Johnson & Children

Adriana Johnson

Owner & Head Chef of Red Bird Pantry

I am the owner of Red Bird Pantry and have been a part of the special event and food service world for over 25 years. My background includes event coordinating, restaurant openings, social & corporate catering and most recently, as the owner of a local eatery and catering company. I was trained in the traditional European-style craft of cooking and delight in creating dishes with a variety of flavors, colors and textures.

I am the mother of two school aged children, and I feel blessed to be involved in their daily lives. I recognize the need for children to refuel their growing body with proper food portions, combinations and nutrients.

I believe educating students about food and nutrition will empower them to make healthy choices to keep their brain and body operating at peak performance.

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